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I’m a young African developer who tries everyday to solve people problem. Since I was kid, I have always been passionated by creating things. I started playing with clay, then I moved to wood from our house under construction. I found that I could created video games by learning coding when i was 14 years old. After that I learned 3D modeling with blender and electronics with micro-controllers and arduino.

Co-founder of Pikiz and Socializer

I start my entrepreneurial travel back in September 2014 when I co-created Pikiz to solve image creation without design skill problem many people face everyday on Internet. In December 2016, I created another image-based product: Socializer. It’s a tool that helps you create and manage social media campaign for a cause, a brand or an organization.

There is a lot to do on those two projects but the experience you get from working on those products.

Open source contributor

I love open-source projects. It’s always a good way to learn.

I also created and try to maintain Todoist Linux, an unofficial Linux client for the famous productivity tool Todoist.

Current challenge

My current challenge is to have good graphic design skills. Check home first post for more…