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Hello world Remix !

Welcome to my website or blog. This post is about what you can find on this blog. But before that, let’s introduce myself.

Who are you again ?

Well, My name is Hakim Ouake and I am the fastest man alive  a web and mobile developer. I started coding about 9 years now. I have developed games, softwares, websites, mobile apps. I have also created and worked for a startup for 3 years. But I started getting bored by code so I decided to take a break and explore new things. I will like to travel, to learn new skills, have challenges. This is the main reason why I start this blog.

What are you going to talk about ?

Few weeks ago, a friend send me this post from Max Deutsch on medium M2M Day 1: Completing 12 ridiculously hard challenges in 12 months. This guy decided, as mentioned in the title, to complete 12 hard challenge in 12 month. He chose to master twelve expert-level skills. Although he didn’t start from scratch, he only had a basic level on most of those skills. I decided to do the same thing and write about it to improve my writing skills.

So on this blog, you will find details about the challenge I take every month, the issues I face, the choices I make, etc…. I will also post about quick and interesting projects I’m working on and some random thoughts I have. Voilà !

I hope you can be motivated to start your own challenges or that my projects will help you in your daily life 🙂 🙂

What’s next ?

Now the first challenge I have picked is to become a great graphic designer before the end of the month of July 2017. Why this challenge? Because the start-up I co-founded is Pikiz, an easy to use image editor to easily and quickly create images that sell. I developed the editor with my colleagues. It worked well. We have some lovely clients who use the product daily but I feel like the product was not so easier to use. In fact none of us has some graphic design skills to really understand what was painful in creating images with professional software like Photoshop or Gimp. So I decided to see by myself how it is to be a graphical designer and how hard it is.

See you the next time for the first post about my life as graphic designer, the tools I decided to use, the challenges I have already faced and what’s my plan for this month.


Ps: This is the second post I have ever written so I really need your help to improve my writing skills. So if you find some misspellings or any others suggestions, please comment it down. Thanks

The link to my first article 😎 The fear of the first time


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